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Hello!! I'm back!!!

So this is another SakaShi manip I made a long time ago. I almost forgot about it, good thing I cleaned the folders in my PC and saw it haha:) 

Well, It's not that good but I guess it's just a waste if I won't upload it hihihi so I hope you'd like it:) 

Another SakaShi post hahaha I'm sorry I just can't get enough of these two...I'm still hoping that one day they'd have another project together:) Please please please!! But wait-- I heard a rumor about Mr. Sakamoto leaving Horikoshi...is that true??? :(

Anyway, I'm sorry about not updating lately....T.T I really want to write a fic but ideas won't get into me huhuhu:( So it's this picture for now....until I have ideas already hihihi See you very soon!:) Thank youuuu!!!:)


This is niceeeeeeee <3 Love it, your editing is very good! >w<

Oh oh I have an idea. Could you make a poster/banner for my SakaShi fanfic? >w
Sure sure I would love to!:) hehehe Thank you very much!!!I'll try my best!!:) Just tell me the theme of your fanfic and then I'll make one:)Thank you soo much and goodluck on your fanfic:) ^^
Well I'm waiting for your prompts though since I don't have an idea XD
SHida is so cute that she can be paired with anyone...I'll be waiting for your Sakashi fic! Ganbate!
I agree plus, she's really a good actress! <3 I really want to write a fic but I still don't have an Idea:( But airumaiden20-san is planning to write one :) We could wait for her Fic ne?:) Hihihihi Arigatou for the comment:)