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My second favorite pair...SakaShi:)  I really love them especially in Hammer Session! 
I hope they'll have another project together!! please Amuse and Ken-on!! haha...
I'm thinking of making a SakaShi fic...but i'm too busy with school huhuhuT.T Anyway, I hope you like this picture...I really really tried my best on this!!! This is the first SakaShi pic I've edited kukuku...I hope you like it:)

Ps: hihi anou...if you're going to upload this to other sites, please don't forget to give credits...thank you very very very much:)


I love thiiiiiiiiss. <3 SakaShii. :">
Haha. Alam mo ba dahil sayo minahal ko si Shougo Sakamoto!!! =)) Hello, pala! XD Miss ko na magbasa ng fic mo. :P Update mo ako a
hihi thank you po!!!:) spread natin ang sakashi love hihihi:) thank you po ulit!!! sige po update ko po kayo pag nakaupload na po ult ako..medyo busy po kasi sa school eh pero try ko po talaga makapagupload kaagad:)may sinusulat din po ako lately. Pag natapos ko na po siya upload ko po agad:) thank you po ulit!!!!!
Yeaaah! :) Sige, tulungan po kita diyan. :P HAHAHA! Maraming maraming salaaamaaat po, galingan mo po a. XD
just wandering about Livejournal and found this :)

this is lovely :)))) I'm a big fan of SakaShi!

We should be friend, um? Ehehehe :)
Yey!! SakaShi lover!!! Of course of course we should be friends ne? Let's spread the SakaShi love:)
I'm adding you, could you add me back? :)

And I really liked your userpic!! :)
Of course! thanks a lot!!:)

aww thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!!:) I'll try to make more SakaShi pics if I have time hihi thanks a lot! God Bless!
Oh, I'll wait forward for more pics :) Did you made any SakaShi fanficts or others? :)
I don't have a SakaShi fanfic yet T.T But I'll try to make one this sembreak hihih:) Yup I have a new Sakashi edited picture but I'm not really happy with it huhuhuhu I'll try to fix it :) I'll post it maybe this week!:) Thank you Again!!:)
I want to make a SakaShi fanfic too but I still don't have an idea... =w=

Wow I'll eagerly waiting for that! >,
Ganbatte!!! I'm also looking for SakaShi fics but unfortunately I can't find any:( I hope you'd write one hehehe I'll definitely read it:)

Hai hai!! i'll be uploading it this week:)
I planned to write one but I still don't get the idea T.T Do you have prompts or something that I could make it as a fanfic? :D
Yey!:) Wait I'll think for a prompt then I'll message you if I have ideas already:) Yey I'm so Happy!!
Okay, I'll waiting and I promise to write it immediately :)